General Terms and Conditions (GTC) effective from December 7, 2022

of EvSimple Inc., 407 McGill Street Suite 501., Montréal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2G3 (hereinafter referred to as "Simple")
Last updated: April 8, 2024

1. Subject

EvSimple Inc., located at 407 McGill Street Suite 501., Montréal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 2G3 ("Simple"), operates Simple. Simple is a platform ("Platform") that allows registered users ("Users") to book vehicles as renter ("Lessee") which are offered for rental by certified lessors ("Lessor"). Simple acts as an intermediary and does not become a party to the rental agreement concluded between the lessee and the lessor via Simple, or Simple itself can also act as a lessor. The platform is based on mobile applications ("APP") or other internet applications. These General Terms and Conditions ("Terms of Use") apply to the use of the app and other internet applications, as well as to the rental and leasing of vehicles through it.

2. Conditions for the Use of the App and Other Internet Applications

To use the app and access its functions, users must register for a user account. Registration is free and can be done online, for example, via the app. While using Simple's services, the user is responsible for ensuring that the technical specifications of their mobile device, computer, or other devices, and their network, allow access to the app, website, or other internet applications. Registration is only allowed for natural persons who are at least 18 years old, legal entities, and partnerships. During registration, the user must enter a mobile number and an SMS code (two-factor authentication) ("access data"), which, upon successful registration, allows access to their user account activated by Simple. For successful registration, the user must provide their full name, a current residential address, telephone number, email address, and other identification features. Legal entities, partnerships, and registered merchants are also obligated, if applicable, to provide their company name and commercial register number. Simple is entitled to verify the personal details, residential address, and other information by a valid ID card or other suitable documents. A user may not register more than one user account and may not transfer their user account to others.

The user is responsible for keeping the access data confidential and protecting it from being accessed by third parties. The user agrees to notify Simple immediately if they suspect that their access data has been lost, stolen, or their user account is being used by an unauthorized third party.

The user agrees not to share or upload any content on their user profile that is criminal, illegal, misleading, discriminatory, false, or fraudulent, or that violates the rights of another person.

The user agrees to provide current, correct, and complete information during registration. The user is required to keep all personal data up to date for the duration of their account's use. Simple does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information on the user's profile, user offers, or other information and content posted by users on the platform.

Simple reserves the right to block or remove content that has been made public in violation of these Terms of Use.

3. Payment Information and Damages

To rent and use a vehicle through Simple, the renter must have selected a payment method accepted by Simple (e.g., credit card or other online payment methods) either at registration or later in their user account and must have provided the relevant details. By confirming the payment method, the renter authorizes Simple to use the specified payment method to settle all costs associated with the use of the platform and all claims due to Simple.

Users ("claimants") can assert claims defined in the fee and cost schedule against another user ("respondent") through the Simple customer service. This must be done within 180 days after the return of the vehicle. The Simple customer service will decide whether to consider the claim valid. If so, they will collect the amount defined in the fee and cost schedule from the respondent and pay the specified sum to the claimant. In this case, the respondent agrees to the collection of the claim. Regardless of the Simple customer service's decision, claimants and respondents retain the right to take legal action; in particular, the claimant can independently pursue further and higher claims.

In certain cases listed in the fee and cost schedule, Simple is entitled to demand an additional fee without a user making a claim. The amounts listed in the fee and cost schedule are considered flat-rate damages. The respondent may prove that lower costs were incurred by the claimant or Simple. Likewise, Simple or the claimant can demonstrate that higher costs were incurred.

4. Conditions for Professional Renting of Vehicles via Simple

Legal entities, partnerships, and natural persons can offer vehicles for rent via the Simple app under the following conditions:

  • Completion of the 18th year of life;
  • Ownership of the vehicle offered for rental or, if it is a leased vehicle, consent from the leasing company for the rental;
  • Proof of registration of the vehicle in the owner's name by presenting the registration certificate part 1 (vehicle registration document);
  • Consent to digital locking and unlocking by Simple;
  • The vehicle must be suitable for a digital locking and unlocking system certified by Simple. Otherwise, the vehicle must be equipped with a vehicle key box ("Key Box").

The digital locking and unlocking system certified by Simple allows the renter to carry out the borrowing process without physical contact with the vehicle's owner. The renter can unlock the vehicle at the start of the rental and lock it again at the end using the Simple-certified digital locking and unlocking system through the Simple app. During the setup process conducted by the owner before the start of the rental, Simple checks the brand, type, and age of the vehicle to determine if the owner's vehicle is suitable for the provision of a certified digital locking and unlocking system.

If the technical prerequisites for the provision of the Key Box are met, the owner can order the Simple-certified digital locking and unlocking system for a fee. The digital locking and unlocking system remains the property of Simple and is rented to the owner for a monthly rent of €45.00, which will be offset against the rental income. If this offsetting is not possible, the deposited payment method will be charged.

Only vehicles that comply with applicable laws and regulations may be rented. Before listing a vehicle, the owner must carefully review and ensure that the vehicle to be rented meets these conditions (in particular, the value of the vehicle must not exceed €150,000 and the rated power must not exceed 500 kilowatts). Compliance with these conditions is also a prerequisite for insurance coverage.

Vehicles must be regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and must possess the safety equipment required for registration (e.g., summer tires, winter-suitable tires). The vehicle equipment must, to the best knowledge of the vehicle owner, be in proper operating condition, including tires, brakes, headlights, other lights, steering, and seat belts. All toll devices must be removed for the rental through Simple.

The legally required interval for the main inspection must not have expired. If the month indicated on the inspection sticker of a vehicle has expired, it cannot be rented out via Simple, even if it is still legally allowed to be operated on public roads.

The vehicles must have the legally required compulsory insurance. The owner is advised that failing to pay the insurance premium for the compulsory insurance can lead to the vehicle being taken out of operation.

Additionally, the following conditions apply for renting out vehicles via Simple:

  • The vehicle owner must have at least two sets of door and ignition keys;
  • The information in the owner's listing must be truthful, reliable, complete, and current;
  • The vehicles must not have faults in comfort functions that affect the expected or normal use during rental (e.g., a jammed window);
  • The vehicles must not be the subject of serious and/or excessive complaints from other users.

5. Conditions for Renting Vehicles via the Simple APP

To rent vehicles via the Simple APP, the respective renter must meet the following conditions:

  • Completion of the 18th year of life;
  • Holder of a valid driving license required for the respective vehicle, issued by a Member State of the EU or by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. This must be proven by a valid driving license. The proof is provided through the app by following the specified steps. A verification service provider is used to verify the validity of the driving license.
  • There must be no payment defaults from a previous rental or refusals;
  • No more than two misdemeanors, for which a fine of €60.00 or higher was imposed, or a criminal offense may have been committed in the past with a vehicle rented via Simple;
  • The renter must be medically fit to drive, furthermore, he must not be under the influence of alcoholic beverages (0.00% blood alcohol content), mind-altering or intoxicating substances, or consume such drinks and substances while driving;

The Lessor is free to prescribe the following additional rules and conditions for the rental of his vehicle:

  • Minimum age of the renter;
  • Minimum duration the renter must have held the driving license required for the vehicle;
  • Restrictions and prohibitions on the use for transporting animals;
  • A shorter maximum rental duration than 90 days.

6. Conditions for Individual Rental Agreements

Simple may offer appropriate search functions to find a suitable vehicle. Once the renter finds a vehicle that suits them, they can book the offered vehicle immediately. The rental contract is concluded by the renter going through the booking process and confirming the chargeable booking at the end. The maximum rental duration is displayed during the booking process.

The total amount to be paid by the renter for the rental and other services ("Rental Price"), excluding the option for deductible reduction, may include:

  • The rental rate ("Rental Price") per day for renting their vehicle set by the Lessor;
  • A kilometer extension per rental day set by the Lessor;
  • A service fee charged by Simple, enabling the operation of the platform and ensuring operational activities.
  • A premium for roadside assistance, securing the renter in case of breakdowns.
  • An insurance premium that secures the rental under the options chosen in the app.

7. Handover of the Vehicle

The lessor must provide the vehicle to the renter in technically perfect condition.

The renter must immediately check the condition of the vehicle upon unlocking it and report any defects or damages via the APP or by email to

Furthermore, the renter is obligated to take the following eight wide-angle photos of the vehicle and upload them to the app within 30 minutes after unlocking the rented vehicle or send them via email to

Front, front left, left side, rear left, rear, rear right, right side, front right.

8. Use of the Vehicle

The renter must treat the vehicle carefully and cautiously. Before starting the journey, the renter must ensure the vehicle's roadworthiness, especially by visually inspecting the wheels, tires, and exterior lighting. When participating in road traffic with the rented vehicle, the renter must comply with the respective traffic regulations at all times. Simple is not liable for damages resulting from the customer's violation of these obligations. In case of a violation by the renter of the mentioned obligations, the renter is liable according to legal provisions for all resulting damages.

The renter may not allow a third party to use the vehicle unless there is explicit written permission.

The vehicle may only be used in the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Monaco, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Ireland, San Marino, Vatican, Liechtenstein, Andorra.

The customer is prohibited from using the vehicle for the following purposes or in the following ways:

  • for commercial passenger transport and other commercial passenger carriage;
  • for subleasing and passing on to non-authorized third parties;
  • for motor sports purposes, e.g., for races, driving on closed racetracks;
  • for safety training and other vehicle tests;
  • for committing crimes;
  • for transporting easily flammable, toxic, or otherwise hazardous substances;
  • to transport items that (e.g., due to size, shape, or weight) impair driving safety or can damage the vehicle/interior;
  • for animal transport, unless they are in a closed transport container/cage securely stored in the trunk;
  • as a driver under the influence of alcohol (a blood alcohol limit of 0.0‰ applies), drugs, medication, or other intoxicating substances that can impair driving ability;
  • for transporting children or infants without the required child seat device. For the installation of child seat devices, all manufacturer instructions and possibly provider specifications must be observed;
  • there is no insurance coverage for vehicles used not only exceptionally on airfields of all kinds or other traffic areas of airports that are not accessible to the public;
  • the temporary use of vehicles on terrains mentioned under lit a (e.g., during construction work);
  • smoking and vaping in the vehicle with, for example, an e-cigarette, a cigarette, a tobacco heater, a vaporizer (vaporizing liquids, "Vaping") and all related methods is not allowed.

In the event of vehicle damage and technical defects that significantly impair or make it impossible to use the vehicle as a means of transportation, the rental ends contrary to the booked rental duration upon the occurrence of this event. This must be immediately reported to the Simple customer service.

The renter is responsible for any warning fines, fines, or monetary penalties imposed in connection with the use of the vehicle. A flat processing fee according to the fee schedule will be charged.

The renter agrees that for the purpose of theft protection and the execution of operational processes, the vehicle's position as well as driving data such as mileage and battery charge status as well as acceleration values over the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis can be monitored. Our vehicles are equipped with active smoking detection. This detects whether smoking or vaping has occurred inside the vehicle and identifies any violations of the smoking ban defined in these conditions. In the event of a violation of the smoking ban, a timestamp and a location will be recorded by the device.

The data is collected and processed by various service providers. We have concluded data processing agreements with the service providers to protect your data. The data collected will be archived according to the statutory limitation period of 3 years. The collected data can be used as evidence in criminal matters and in cases of violations against these GTC.

9. Return of the Vehicle

The renter is required to document the condition of the vehicle upon return according to the return report provided by Simple and again provide the following photos in the APP or via email to

Front, front left, left side, rear left, back, rear right, right side, front right.

The rules for the battery charge level at the start and end of the rental are displayed in the APP for the respective service. A lower battery charge level at the end of the rental will result in the missing battery charge being billed, in addition to a service fee according to the fee and cost regulations. To prove higher or lower costs, paragraph 3 applies accordingly. However, the vehicle must be parked with a battery charge level of at least 10% of the total volume. Fees for towing or recharging are regulated in the fee and cost regulations.

The renter is obligated to return the vehicle in the cleanliness condition in which it was received. If the renter fails to meet this obligation, they must compensate the lessor for the cleaning costs according to the fee and cost regulations.

The rented vehicle must be returned within a radius of 400 meters around the address specified for the vehicle. The address can be found in the APP at the end of the rental. Vehicles with a private parking space must be returned precisely to this location. Different arrangements are possible. Agreements must be made through the mechanism provided by Simple or via customer service by chat or call. The vehicle must be parked in public traffic space in a location that allows permanent, free parking. Violations will be penalized according to the fee and cost regulations.

Renters must request an extension via the app or customer service if returning within the booked time is not possible. The additional rental price is displayed or communicated during the process. If no extension is made and renters do not return the vehicle within the first 30 minutes after the agreed return date and time, the following late fees according to the fee and cost regulations are due. To prove higher or lower costs, paragraph 3 of these General Terms and Conditions applies accordingly. In addition, the rental price of the last booking day is to be paid as a rental price for every started 24 hours of delay.

The lessor can report the vehicle as stolen at any time after a grace period of 30 minutes after the end of the rental.

10. Cancellation

Renters can cancel the booking via until the vehicle is unlocked for the first time.

The following costs and cancellation fees apply:

Up to one hour after the chargeable booking: no costs and cancellation fees

Up to 24 hours before the start of the rental: A rental service fee of 5.60€ per rental day applies. Otherwise, no cancellation fees are incurred.

24 hours or less before the start of the rental: Cancellation fees amounting to 50% of the rental price

After the vehicle has been unlocked for the first time, cancellation is no longer possible. The renter can return the vehicle at any time. Nevertheless, the rental price for the entire booking period is calculated.

11. Impossibility

If it is impossible for the lessor to provide the vehicle to the renter at the start of the rental, they are released from the obligation if timely repair or procurement of an equivalent replacement vehicle before handing it over to the renter is not possible with reasonable effort. They must contact Simple customer service for this.

12. Insurance Coverage

The vehicles have motor vehicle liability insurance for self-drive rental vehicles. For this, the General Conditions for Motor Vehicle Insurance, AKB 2015, issued by the German Insurance Association GDV, apply, unless otherwise regulated in these GTC.

The insurance coverage through the integrated insurance includes motor vehicle liability insurance with a coverage amount of 100 million € in total - however, a maximum of 15 million € per injured person - and a fully comprehensive insurance with a maximum compensation of up to 150,000 € per damage event, depending on the vehicle's value.

The scope of coverage of the partial and fully comprehensive insurance is limited to the following damage events:

  • Fire and explosion;
  • Theft;
  • Natural hazards: storm, hail, lightning strike, flood, avalanches (including snow avalanches from house roofs), mudslides, earthquakes, subsidence, volcanic eruption;
  • Collision with animals of all kinds;
  • Short circuit damage to the wiring and overvoltage damage caused by short circuit to adjacent units up to 10,000 EUR;
  • Follow-up damage caused by animal bites of all kinds is co-insured up to 10,000 EUR;
  • Insurance coverage during transport on ships - general average or the allocable rescue costs when calling at a port of refuge;
  • Accident; (Section A. AKB);
  • Malicious acts; (Section A. AKB);

Excluded from the insurance service are, in particular, damages caused by improper handling of the vehicle, by incorrect operation of the vehicle such as shifting errors, ignoring warning lights, incorrect fueling, or improperly stowed cargo.

Renters and all contractually included drivers are liable for each damage event up to an amount equal to the agreed deductible; a claim for contractual indemnification or a booked protection package does not exist if the damage was caused intentionally.

No insurance coverage exists for the transport of substances or goods subject to marking and approval requirements according to the regulation on the domestic and cross-border transportation of dangerous goods by road, rail, and inland waterways (GGVSEB).

13. Obligations in the Event of Damage

Accidents, damage, theft, destruction, and/or any other loss of the vehicle must be reported to Simple immediately and directly by phone.

Accidents involving other vehicles, road users, hedges, bollards, fences, or other barriers or markings and boundaries must be reported to the police at 110 and recorded by the police. In case of accidents involving personal injury, the fire department must be informed immediately at 112.

A failure to report damage or an accident results in a fee according to the fee and cost regulations.

Renters are obligated to fill out a damage report that contains at least the following information:

  • Damage report using the respective form provided by Simple customer service;
  • Police report in case of an accident and theft, the obligation to report lies with the renters;
  • Meaningful damage photos;
  • Copy of the current driving license/written confirmation of driving license possession and the respective information in the form "Damage report".

14. Limitation of Liability and Contractual Parties

The liability of Simple is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply to the breach of essential contractual obligations and to damages resulting from injury to life, body, and health. Compensation for the breach of essential contractual obligations is also limited to the contract-typically foreseeable damage. Simple is not liable for the incorrect function of the website, app, or service, including their lack of availability, if this is due to the behavior of a user, in the case of unforeseeable and uncontrollable action by third parties, or in the case of force majeure.

As a digital mobility platform, the role of Simple may be limited to connecting vehicle owners with renters. Simple is not a contractual party in a mediation. Therefore, Simple cannot be held liable for damages caused or suffered by the renter or lessor during the use of a vehicle rented via Simple. Simple cannot guarantee the solvency of users, especially renters. Simple is also not obligated to conduct credit checks of users.

15. Personal Data

Simple is responsible for processing the personal data collected through your use of the services, our app, or other internet applications. The details are outlined in the privacy policy.

16. Termination and Suspension

Both Simple and users can terminate the contractual relationship at any time without notice. The termination must be made in text form. Simple provides users with a function to delete the user account. The deletion of the user account also constitutes a termination of the contract according to this number. A termination does not end ongoing rental agreements. A termination does not exempt from damages and violations during the contract period. The user account will be deleted effective upon termination, but no earlier than six months after the last rental. Simple also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users from using the platform in case of a violation of these terms of use. The decision on exclusion can be made without reason. The decision is at the discretion of Simple.

17. Amendment of the Conditions

  • Simple reserves the right to amend these GTC if an unforeseeable change in the legal or factual situation occurs for the users or Simple, over which Simple has no influence and which shifts the equivalence ratio of performance and counterperformance in this contract. In particular, Simple is entitled to make changes if one or more of the clauses contained in these terms of use have become or are likely to become ineffective due to a change in legislation or a final court judgment and the equivalence ratio cannot be maintained by applying a statutory regulation. The terms of use will only be changed to the extent necessary to restore the principle of equivalence and the changes are reasonable for users. If Simple intends to change the GTC, users will be informed in text form at least six weeks before the date on which the changes to the GTC are to take effect, including the date of change. The change will only take effect if the user agrees to it. If the user has not objected to the change of the GTC in text form by the proposed date, the consent is considered to be given.

18. Miscellaneous

  • These terms of use are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    We are neither obligated nor willing to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.

19. Fee and Cost Regulation

  • Recharging of Electricity Shortages
    Depending on the selected tariff in the APP, recharging at the end of the rental is not included. We charge 2.20€ for each missing kilowatt-hour of electricity.

    Special Cleaning for Contamination 90€

    A special cleaning (interior/exterior) due to contamination will be charged at 90€. A severe contamination will be charged additionally according to the effort required.

    Smoking and Vaping in the Vehicle 250€
    The cost for smoking and vaping in our vehicle is 250€. Additionally, a special cleaning can be ordered, which will be charged according to the effort required.

    Loss of Charging Cards 150€
    The loss of charging cards costs 150€. Any misuse will be reported.

    Loss of Vehicle Keys and Key Cards 250€
    The loss of vehicle keys costs 250€. Additionally, the invoice for the repair and a loss of use will be charged. The unjustified withholding of a vehicle key will be reported.

    Failure to Report Damage or Accident 400€
    Failure to report damage or an accident costs 400€ for a special inspection. A failure to report an accident leads to the loss of insurance coverage.

    Damage Processing Fee 45€
    The processing fee for a self-inflicted damage case is 45€. The processing fee is in addition to the damage amount or the deductible.

    Processing Fee for Tickets 15€
    The processing fee of 15€ is in addition to the cost of the actual ticket and will be automatically passed on to you according to the procedure.

    Towing Processing Fee 100€
    Towing without a breakdown (e.g., wrong parking, intentionally empty battery, breakdown report without a breakdown) will be charged at 100€ in addition to the actual towing costs.

    Service Trip by Our Staff 100€
    If the vehicle has to be approached due to customer fault (lost items, vehicle not parked correctly, etc.), we charge a flat-rate fee of 100€.

    Late Return of the Vehicle
    A late return of the vehicle up to 30 minutes after the rental period is free of charge, but is expressly considered as a delay. From the 31st minute, 20€/h is charged for each started hour. Additionally, another rental day is charged at the undiscounted price of the first booking. Vouchers cannot be applied. ANYMOVE can report the vehicle as misappropriated at any time, after the 30-minute grace period has elapsed.

    Return of Vehicles to Home Address 250€
    For the return of the vehicle, a flat-rate processing fee of 250€ is charged. Additionally, 3.75€ per kilometer is charged for the distance back to the starting point of the rental.